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Game Features and Description

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How to play Solitare?

There are four piles in Solitare: the stock, the waist, the foundations, and the tableau. The stock is the pile in the upper left corner with the faces down. The waits are the cards next to the stock. The foundations are the pile in the upper right corner. And the tableau is the cards in the center.
To win in Solitare you should place all cards on the foundations pile in the ascending order starting with Ace. You can select either 1 or three cards to be flipped in the stock pile. You can move the top cards from waist to the tableau. You can move cards in the descending order on the tableau.
On the tableau you can move face down cards up, when they are on the top. You can also place tableau cards onto the foundation. When all cards on the tableaus are open, and there are no more cards in the stock, the game will automatically move all cards on the foundation, since you are about to win.

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